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Why FANUC India?

FANUC India is a subsidiary of FANUC Corporation, a leading Japanese multinational specializing in Factory Automation and Industrial Robots. As an industry leader in Computer Numeric Controls (CNCs) and Servo systems, FANUC India has been in operations in India since 1992 and is headquartered in Bangalore.

Working with FANUC India, will provide an opportunity to….
  • Be associated with the industry leader in the Factory Automation & Industrial Robots segment.
  • Work on cutting edge technology  – Our engineers are exposed to the latest, most advanced, and innovative technology products available in our industry and are also part of product improvement processes that have the potential to revolutionize the industry.
  • Be part of a flat and lean organization  – With minimal hierarchy that enables each department to work as a unified team, employees have an opportunity to work in a more collaborative and agile environment where they make s huge impact and contribute to the success of the organization.
  • Take pride in exceptional customer service  – With a focus on delivering exceptional service and satisfaction to customers, FANUC India prides on the unparalleled service experience provided to customers. Passion for customer success is a critical organizational value.
  • Enhance Career and Personal development  – Going beyond jobs, the focus is on providing careers. Many senior leaders are home-grown and have been with the organization for many years. The engineers are exposed to multiple learning and developmental initiatives to keep them abreast with latest technologies and develop them as high performing professionals.
  • Be part of a Creative and Innovative environment   – The teams explore uncharted areas, such as new markets or new applications for existing technologies that often lead to creative breakthroughs. Functional independence to employees provide an opportunity for ‘out of box’ thinking.
Our Culture

FANUC India’s culture is shaped by its values, practices and the behaviors it promotes.

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  • As a dynamic and cohesive group of professionals adept at providing state-of-the-art technologies in automation and providing reassurance to manufacturing sites around the world, FANUC India employees help find solutions to the most challenging of problems in the industry. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, FANUC India employees go above and beyond to understand their clients' unique needs and tailor solutions that drive operational efficiency and success.
  • With a strong emphasis on teamwork and collaboration, FANUC India values its employee’s development and growth with initiatives for enhancing technical expertise and a strong commitment to quality. The organization values continuous improvement, attention to detail, and a strong sense of responsibility towards its customers.
  • Committed to promoting sustainable business practices and minimizing environmental impact, the organization has implemented various initiatives, such as energy-efficient premises, environmental conscious ways of working to reduce the carbon footprint.

Overall, the culture is characterized by a strong emphasis on customer service, relentless pursuit for excellence, teamwork and a strong commitment to sustainability.

Our Mission, Vision, Values

“We provide Best-in-Class automation products and technical support at the lowest Total Cost-of-Ownership to the manufacturing industry”.

We achieve the above by:
  • Building trust with all Stakeholders
  • Helping customers to leverage the deep features of FANUC Products
  • Providing Unfailing commitment/ respect to customers
  • Facilitating Digital transformation in Manufacturing
  • Contributing to Skill Development of Customers & Academia
  • Fostering a culture of excellence and continuous learning
  • Being conscious about the Planet in all our actions
Our Vision

To be the Leading & Trusted Industrial Automation Partner for the Indian subcontinent to succeed at the Global Stage by providing unmatched value proposition through Smart and Innovative Solutions.

Our Values Banner

Our Values define who we are…

* We do what we say. We do what is right

* We place customers in the center

* We take distinctive ownership for results

* We relentlessly pursue excellence and learning

* We prioritize open honest communication by
    maintaining a culture of transparency

* We seek to understand before being understood

* We champion diversity, foster inclusivity

* We prioritise Trust building through reliable actions

* We focus on reusability and sustainability in our
    operations and business.

Our People, Our Voices
Life at FANUC

Experience the joy of working with a young and enthusiastic team of professionals from diverse backgrounds.

At FANUC , we encourage a culture of transparency and openness which enthuses our employees to bring their best every day. We are an employee friendly and professionally managed company with ample opportunities for rewarding career paths for employees. We believe in employee empowerment and provide all necessary support for our employees to realize their potential. All our policies and procedures are aligned with the above objective of enabling each employee to have a successful career.

FANUC Provides:

  • A transparent and open working environment, while challenging our employees to keep them motivated
  • An emphasis on competence and sense of ownership
  • Defined role expectations and freedom of functioning
  • Stress busters like get togethers, team outings & recreational facilities within the campus
  • Regular performance feedback and encouragement
  • Work-life balance and experience of personal and professional satisfaction
Explore Opportunities
If you want to be an active participant in India’s manufacturing’s growth story and shape the adoption of industrial automation in the subcontinent, write to us at