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ROBODRILL (Compact Vertical Machining center),
ROBOSHOT (All Electric Injection Moulding Machine)



A high precision and high-performance Wire Electrical-Discharge Machine. The latest α-CiC series comprises three versatile all-round models having X Axis travel of 400, 600 and 800mm. Right fit for tool room, PCD cutting tool and die-mould. Average MTBF in India 8.4 years.

Unique Features:

Twin Servo Wire Feeding Sysytem

  • Accurate wire tension
  • control
  • Wire vibration < 1 micron
  • Accurate reference pickup
  • High profile accuracy
  • Good part straightness
  • No line mark on the surface

High Speed Auto Wire Threading (AWF3) – 10 sec

AWF3 – Automatic Wire Feed threading technology ensures reliable automatic threading in just 10 seconds. By electrically cutting the wire ROBOCUT ensures straight and burr free pointed end wire suited for swift threading. Water jet guidance is also supported.

Core Stitch Function

ROBOCUT’s Core Stitch function helps you to extend unmanned machining hours. Stitch points can be assigned while programming itself. ROBOCUT ensures brass adhesion between the part and the raw material, thus the part sticks at the same place. This is the ideal solution for long hours of unmanned operation as also multi-workpiece cutting. When the job is done you simply knock out the cores manually without any risk to the machine.

AI Thermal Compensation

High repeatability and dimensional accuracy made possible by ROBOCUT’s AI thermal compensation. Built-in temperature sensors pick up temperature variation, AI calculates correction required. Results in stable cutting even in environments where the temperature is varying.

Matrix Pitch Error Compensation

High precision matrix pitch error compensation achieved as ROBOCUT calibrates at multiple points across grid over the entire X-Y axes versus single central point calibration. With this you can achieve uniform accuracy even as the workpiece placed anywhere on the table.

3D Coordinate Rotation – Save Setting time!

After measuring 3 points using probe, ROBOCUT rotates the coordinate automatically according to the tilted plane of workpiece. Eliminates the need for expensive jigs for alignments and saves workpiece setting time.

User Friendly – Panel 4H Pro

  • PANEL 4H Pro, the high performance display unit, reduces drafting time by 75% versus earlier versions.
  • Sensitive touch screen with multi touch capability, Undo/Redo function eases correction of operator typo errors.

Leader in PCD Cutting Tool segment

  • ROBOCUT ensures PCD crystals are not damaged during cutting, provides high-speed precision sharpening.
  • Can cut at variety of angles, ideal for sharpening bonded PCD blanks.
  • ROBOCUT leads this segment globally and in India.

Accuracy and Finishing

High Accuracy +/- 3 Microns

Example: 7 parts sliding fit component

Thickness: 40mm
Wire dia. : Φ0.25
Material : Die steel
No. of cuts: 1rough, 3 skims
Accuracy: ±0.003 μm

Surface Finish – 0.09 μm Ra

Example: Tungsten cutting

Thickness: 30mm
Wire dia. : Φ0.25
Material : Tungsten Carbide
No. of cuts: 1 rough, 8 skims
Roughness: 0.09 μm Ra

Roundness – 0.90μm

Thickness: 20mm
Wire dia. : Φ0.25
Material : Die steel
Hole dia. : Φ50mm
No. of cuts: 1 rough, 5 skims
Roundness: 0.90μm

Pitch Accuracy -1.2μm~+1.0μm

Thickness: 25mm
Wire dia. : Φ0.25
Material: Die steel
No. of cuts: 1 rough, 5 skims
Pitch accuracy: -1.2μm~+1.0μm

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ROBOCUT in Action

Die Skim Cutting

High speed AWF


High Efficiency Machining
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