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ROBODRILL (Compact Vertical Machining center),
ROBOSHOT (All Electric Injection Moulding Machine)


ROBODRILL DiB Plus is a vertical machining center available in standard as well as advanced series. Machine sizes vary from small and medium to large with 14 and 21-tool variants. The versatile ROBODRILL Plus can address a wide range of applications from automotive to aerospace, medical to smartphones. It handles both die-mould, as well as high-volume parts machining. Average MTBF of ROBODRILL in India is 8.4 years.

Standard Version

The standard version ROBODRILL α-DiB Plus is a high speed and high accuracy machining center having options of high torque spindle (10K), 24K rpm high speed spindle or tapping spindle. Excellent repeatability makes this model the preferred choice for automotive, aerospace, medical and die-mould segments.

Standard models include:

  • Segment leader in ensuring least power consumption
  • New iHMI is highly user friendly and enables full maintenance planning
  • Dedicated maintenance screen – Easy instructions ensure quick recovery
  • Rigid design, stronger spindle, higher accuracy and repeatability
  • Manual Guide-i’s easy operation enables quick, simple & intuitive set-up options
  • Option to select range of center through coolant pressure from 15 to 70 bar
  • DDRiB: This direct drive 4th axis table rotates 90 degrees in 0.33 seconds. Can be mounted across models without compromising X-axis stroke.

Advanced Version

Advanced ROBODRILL α-DiB Plus ADV models are a versatile alternative to larger machines. Excellent repeatability and high-speed machining combined with 400 kg payload & higher tool weight carrying capacity.

Advanced series sets the performance benchmark in its Class.
In addition to standard model features, advanced models include:

Advanced models include:

  • 4 kg tool loading capacity instead of 3 kg in standard machines
  • 400 kg payload on table – this is 100 kg more than the standard series
  • Artificial intelligence thermal displacement compensation-II with 10 sensors
  • 0.7 second tool change ensures faster cycle times
  • Option to increase daylight up to 880 mm using maximum column-riser option of 400 mm


α-DiB Plus series


α-DiBADV Plus series


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